The CipherTrace Certified Examiner (CTCE) is designed to provide local/federal law enforcement, military investigative personnel and private sector security professionals on the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Understand common aspects and terminology of Cryptocurrencies
  • Understand how Cryptocurrencies are generated, purchased, and exchanged
  • Become familiar with how criminal organizations are utilizing Cryptocurrencies
  • Become familiar with and utilize CipherTrace forensic platform to analyze crimes involving Cryptocurrencies
  • Produce effective reports on key findings utilizing CipherTrace forensic platform
  • Understand how to export CipherTrace data into 3rd party platforms like Palantir, IBM I2 and Maltego

Through lecture, instructor-led demonstrations, and practical exercises the CipherTrace Certification course will prepare participants identify, trace, analyze and report on Cryptocurrency artifacts utilizing the CipherTrace Platform.

During course activities and exercises, participants will demonstrate the ability to perform forensically sound investigations and efficiently analyze digital artifacts pertaining to Cryptocurrency for items of evidentiary value.

Throughout the course, participants will discuss procedures used on the identification, tracing, analysis, and reporting of Cryptocurrencies for courtroom presentation. Participants will also discuss the importance of developing and maintaining a policy on analyzing Cryptocurrency artifacts to guide examiners when conducting cases.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to draft an effective report on findings detailing the analysis process followed to locate pertinent evidence.

CipherTrace Courseware exists of the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction.

Module 2: Cryptocurrency Overview

Module 3: Uses of Cryptocurrency

Module 4: CipherTrace Overview

Module 5: CipherTrace Configuration

Module 6:  Conducting Bitcoin Searches using CipherTrace

Module 7: Analyzing Bitcoin Addresses & Transaction Ids using CipherTrace

Module 8: Overview of the CipherTrace Case Manager

Module 9: CipherTrace Reporting Options (CSV, PDF, and API)

Module 10: Evaluation and Commencement

CipherTrace Certification Course is $1,500.00 per participant and includes the training, and certification.  For more information on the content or to schedule a class at your location please contact Joe Church ( or call 321-704-1336 for more details.