Crypto currencies, ICOs, tokens and enterprise blockchain initiatives are growing explosively. CipherTrace provides the infrastructure to enable secure, verifiable and legal commerce for these markets. This regulatory technology (RegTech) aspect of financial technology (FinTech) is estimated to be in the billions of dollars by 2021.

The CipherTrace team are experienced entrepreneurs who have founded numerous security and FinTech companies with successful exits. The team have been involved in blockchain and Bitcoin since 2011. The team have invented 15 issued patents in cyber security and cryptography, giving them the technical background to innovate in crypto currencies and blockchain.

The CEO of CipherTrace, David Jevans, is an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

CipherTrace is a member of the Blockchain Alliance. CipherTrace executives are regular speakers at crypto currency, security and law enforcement conferences around the world.

CipherTrace is a member of SINET the Security Innovation Network

CipherTrace is based in Menlo Park, California, USA, and has customers around the world.


Cryptocurreny and Bitcoin Forensics

CipherTrace is one of the world’s leading platforms for Bitcoin and crypto currency analysis, tracing and forensics. CipherTrace helps agencies investigate money laundering, ransomware, drug trafficking, extortion, child exploitation and fraudulent ICOs. These capabilities enable agents to get their jobs done faster and more accurately.


Enterprise Blockchain

CipherTrace is integrating enterprise Ethereum capabilities for audit, compliance and security to enable enterprises to deploy real-world Ethereum-based transactional systems for high-value transactions.


Law Enforcement Assistance

CipherTrace works with law enforcement to provide evidence and expert witness services in Bitcoin and other crypto currency investigations.


Research & Development

CipherTrace provides research and development services for government, law enforcement, financial services and bitcoin services clients. We work with some of the world’s leading laboratories to co-develop machine learning, blockchain security technologies and related capabilities.


Bitcoin Scam and Theft Asset Recovery

Have you or your client lost Bitcoin as a result of a fraudulent investment, fraudulent ICO, phishing or ransom attack?   CipherTrace can help.  Our Bitcoin tracing team can assist you in the identification of where Bitcoin and crypto currency assets were transferred, aiding the the identification of the perpetrators.  Our expert witness services can help in court when it comes time to prosecuting the perpetrators and recovering assets.  Contact CipherTrace now.


CipherTrace Certification Training

Digital Shield, Inc. is proud to announce the new CipherTrace Certified Examiner training courses.  This is a two day certification course which teaches participants on the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and how to track transactions across the blockchain and provide information on which BTC addresses are sending and receiving the transactions.  For more information on the training and costs please visit:


Quotes and Pricing:

For information on formal quotes and pricing, please contact Joe Church ( or at 321-704-1336.  Quotes are turned around within a 24 hour period.

Pricing and Quotes:

For more information on pricing or to receive a formal quote, please contact Joe Church ( or call 321-704-1336 for more information.