As a proven industry leader, Belkasoft has remained at the forefront of innovation when forensically acquiring mobile device data, while safely bypassing security constraints using the latest techniques.

This course will provide students with the tools needed to perform forensic analysis of Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices from within the Belkasoft X platform.

The Belkasoft X platform provides a comprehensive toolset for the examiner to locate artifacts from mobile devices including:

  • Call Logs
  • Pictures and Video
  • Internet-based data
  • Browser content
  • App data and SQLite databases

During Instructor-led course activities, and exercises – participants will demonstrate the ability to efficiently analyze digital artifacts acquired from mobile devices while utilizing Belkasoft X.


Language: English

Duration: 3 days

Formats: Onsite or online


  1. Introduction 1 Hour
  2. Mobile Device Acquisitions 3 Hours
  3. Understanding Apple iOS Artifacts 2 Hours
  4. Understanding Google Android Artifacts 2 Hours
  5. Mobile Device Examinations 4 Hours
  6. Final Practical 3.5 Hours
  7. Belkasoft X Reporting 1 Hour

Price $1,150.00