Media Sonar’s social media intelligence platform provides organizations with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution to aggregate, filter and analyze the billions of location-based and non-geo social media content that is posted daily.

Media Sonar’s technology has proven to be a powerful tool for supporting investigations, assessing threats, improving campus safety, monitoring events real-time and improving workplace safety and security.

By combining the technologies of location-based social media, big data aggregation, and cloud computing capabilities, Media Sonar is able to help organizations across the globe with the identification of relevant information for actionable intelligence.

Being able to get out front and stay on top of multiple relevant social conversations taking place daily can be a daunting task… What is useful? What is the context? What if I miss something? What if…?

Media Sonar is easy-to-use and allows for faster and more informed decision-making by taking deeper dives into the data offered by social media.


  • Set up unlimited geo-fences for location-based data
  • Search on hashtags, keywords and topics
  • Aggregate data real-time
  • Categorize and label data


  • Target data using industry-leading filter capabilities
  • Gain insight through link analysis
  • Identify key topics and sentiment
  • Save customized searches
  • Export data


  • Mitigate volatile situations
  • Protect assets
  • Deploy resources effectively
  • Prepare evidence and intelligence

Pricing and Quotes:

For more information on pricing or to receive a formal quote, please contact Joe Church ( or call 321-704-1336 for additional information.