Have hackers taken control of your network infrastructure? Do you have employees sending out sensitive information from inside your network exposing information to the world? Do you have properly trained personnel to copy and analyze the data if these types of incidents are occurring?

DSI is now offering a 7-day digital forensics course for Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Professionals responsible for conducting examinations on digital evidence. DSI security professionals have trained and fostered over 1000 participants world-wide in countries such as Colombia, Indonesia, Antigua, Morocco, Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Greece, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Singapore, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Bahrain, Jordan, and Cayman Islands. Representation included members from Law Enforcement, Government, Military, and Private Sector.

The procedures and methodologies taught in the curriculum are consistent with the same procedures and methodologies taught to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Department of Defense (DoD), US Department of State (DoS), and State and Local Law Enforcement throughout the United States.

If your company needs a tailored Forensic Courses in such technologies as MAC Forensics or Linux Forensics, DSI Security Professionals can custom build courses designed specifically to your needs.


  • Computer Crimes Overview
  • File System Analysis (FAT/NTFS)
  • Windows Artifacts (Windows 7 & 8)
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Collection of Volatile Data
  • Imaging
  • RAM Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis Techniques (Network/Stand-Alone)
  • Log Analysis
  • Case Management
  • Reporting
  • Court Room Testimony Preparation