Assessments and Penetration Testing:

Your network architecture contains both information about your company as well as information about clients you conduct business with on a day to day basis. Does your organization have security policies and procedures in place to properly protect your critical information? How often is the network checked for the latest vulnerabilities for both operating systems and the applications they are running? How secure physically are your networks from insiders or outsiders posing as employees to infiltrate your architecture? Have your employees been properly trained against Social Engineering?

This process involves an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that may result from poor or improper system configuration, known and/or unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures. This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker, and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Any security issues that are found will be presented to the system owner together with an assessment of the impact and with a proposal for mitigation or a technical solution.

System administrators responsible for day to day security may have little time to deal with security since they are occupied with other tasks such as locked out users, printer issues, network trouble shooting, installing machines and configuring new devices. Even if time is available system administrators should not be responsible for monitoring themselves and checking security policies that should have been or haven’t properly been installed. Therefore a dedicated team should work with administrators to test, scan, penetrate, and implement new security measures as needed on a quarterly basis.

DSI Security professionals use the most up-to-date security scanning and penetration testing tools to locate and mitigate possible entry points from both the internal network, as well as perimeter devices. DSI Security professionals have an extensive background in performing assessments both network and physical based for clients within the United States and abroad.

Digital Shield, Inc. offer ON DEMAND services as well, which can assist in saving valuable time and money for organizations.  On Demand services can be accessed on a 24/7 basis, and can be performed by in house security personnel.

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