How do you respond to Incidents with your network architecture?

Cyber Crimes, worms, viruses and ransomware occur on an hourly basis not only from the Internet but also from employees inside the trusted network. When these issues occur, how do you handle them in a timely manner and who would you contact to respond? Do you have qualified personnel to respond and capture the necessary information pertinent to the crime or attack? Will this incident be prosecuted in a court of law for punitive damages? If so, certified, qualified, and experienced personnel need to be engaged to ensure the data is collected in a manner that can be presented in a court of law and prove that the evidence has not been altered in any way.

Digital Shield Security Professionals have an extensive background in conducting forensic examinations for both Government Agencies as well as Private Corporations. DSI professionals are former Law Enforcement and US Military, and have testified in both local and federal court for a wide variety of cases from Child Pornography to Unauthorized Intrusions. DSI Professionals maintain top security qualifications and are on the cutting edge of the latest technologies such as Digital Forensics, CellularForensics, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Wireless Communications (802.xx/Bluetooth).

Digital Shield, Inc. offers 24/7 monitoring and response to Cyber Incidents as they occur.  Digital Shield professionals work hand in hand with corporations security IT Staff to assess, respond, investigate, and mitigate security incidents.

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