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By September 5, 2015Latest News

Digital Shield, Inc. is very proud to announce a new partnership with KeyW the designer of the new “MAX DRIVEScreen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.47.59 AMproduct.  Digital Shield, Inc. is now an official reseller for the “MAX DRIVE” products worldwide.  What is Max
Drive you ask?  MAX DRIVE is a one of a kind drive technology that can incorporate 2 or 4 Solid State Drives inside of 1 SSD enclosure.  Yes 1 SSD enclosure!


imageThe drive configuration is customized to the clients needs.  With this new technology, you can have  independent
drives that cannot access nor see data on any of the other drives or can RAID the drives to gain more storage
space.  This solution is great for individuals who travel,  and for those who want to ensure their sensitive data is well protected.


Each drive can be configured to be completely independent of each other which means each drive is on a separate controller, and each drive cannot
access information on the other remaining drives.  Each drive is fully encrypted at the physical layer, and provides complete security for the data.  To access drives 2, 3 or 4, you would need to use the custom trigger which is configurable to the client.  The MAX DRIVE is the best solution on the market for ensuring your data is protected and to ensure prying eyes are not able to get to sensitive information for your company or agency.


Travel overseas?  MAX DRIVE can assist you in securing your sensitive data on drive 2-4 while drive 1 has just a plain copy of the Windows Operating System with default files.  Drive 1 cannot see nor access information on drives 2-4 without the trigger!  Even forensic imaging tools do NOT have the ability to see nor access drives 2-4 without the trigger!  Your data is secure!

For more information on the MAX DRIVE, click here!!