Welcome to Digital Shield, Inc.


Digital Shield is proud to offer training on the latest technologies and best practices within the computer and mobile forensic communities. Digital Shield has been conducting training for over 15 years and has designed, developed and instructed courses for such agencies as DoD (Department of Defense), US State Department, State and Local Law Enforcement, Foreign Allied Nations, and commercial entities. Digital Shield specializes in courseware development and instruction using the ISD (Instructional System Design) methodology, which is an approved adult learning curriculum approach.shutterstock_418644712

Digital Shield has conducted numerous training sessions within the United States, and internationally in such countries as Colombia, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bahamas, Antigua, and Pakistan.

Digital Shield not only conducts specialized training, but also performs Incident Response, Triage, Computer / Mobile Forensic Analysis, Litigation Support and Testimony. Digital Shield has worked numerous cases for Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement agencies, and has successfully testified in court on their practices and findings.

Digital Shield professionals cleared background checks and hold top security clearances.


Media Sonar — Partnership

Digital Shield, Inc. is proud to announce our new partnership with “Media Sonar“.  Media Sonar is a Social Media platform designed for the discovery, capture, analysis and reporting on Social Media artifacts.  Media Sonar platform was designed to assist the public safety officials in their social media investigations and had valuable feedback from public safety investigators. Digital …

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