MAX DRIVE — Product Overview

MAXDRIVE allows for multiple high capacity, secure SSDs (up to 4) to be contained within a single drive enclosure.

  • Has the same dimensions as 1 standard, off the shelf drive
  • Does not require the use of adapters with the host laptop

imageMAXDRIVE accommodates various laptop fielding scenarios

  • Overt (Drive 1) | Covert/Clandestine (Drive 2)
  • Primary (Drive 1) | Backup (Drive 2)
  • Windows (Drive 1) | Linux (Drive 2)
  • Dirty (Drive 1) | Clean (Drive 2)
  • Trusted (Drive 1) | Untrusted (Drive 2)
  • NIPR (Drive 1) | SIPR (Drive 2) | JWICS (Drive 3) | BSANet (Drive 4)
  • Unlimited drive combinations

MAXDRIVE uses secure, high density SSDs

  • Hardware-based full disk encryption (TCG Opal SSC complaint self-encrypting drive technology)
  • High capacity, high performance drives (up to 1TB per drive)

MAXDRIVE was developed with IR&D funding

MAXDRIVE technology is covered under U.S. Patent 8,358,499 and another patent is pending.

Switching and Authentication Concepts

  • Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.49.57 AMWireless
    • Bluetooth
    • NFC, RFID
    • Wi-Fi
    • Cellular
    • IR
    • LEAP Link
  • Wired/Other
    • Slide, rotating or keypad switch
    • Magnetic reed switch, tilt sensor
    • Biometric (voice recognition, fingerprint detection, iris scan)
    • GPS/Geofencing (secure drive only enabled when entering FOB)
    • Drives selected via keystroke sequence
    • “The Clapper”, body odor detector and bad breath sensor

Product Versions

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.49.39 AMMAXDRIVE User-Removable Drive Enclosure for Panasonic Toughbook Laptops

  • Model with 2 drives that are physically and electronically isolated
  • Model with up to 4 drives that are electronically swtched

MAXDRIVE 2.5 SATA Drive for ANY Laptop

  • Installed in a laptop similar to standard, off the shelf SATA Drive
    • Replaces existing drive
    • Has the same dimensions and overall appearance
  • Model with up to 4 drives that are electronically switched


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